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What We Stand For

"When lifting converges with art and science" - the vision of VOLUME


Our mission is to achieve your desired aesthetics/ physique by providing evidence-based & tailor made solutions. 

We mean business when it comes to eradicating “Brometheus” & “Bro Theories” at Volume.

No longer will you have to settle for blindly following an agenda simply because “Your trainer said so”.

From the execution pathway of the repetition to the overall strategy of the program, everything we do at Volume is backed by reason and supported with science.

As an example of our claim, we are the first facility in Hong Kong equipped with a biomechanics monitoring system specializing in pinpointing analysis of movement. This translates into you optimizing every movement, every repetition, every time.

Glute/ Bubble Butt Power:
Weak glutes are the result of an overall sedentary lifestyle of modern city life (esp. working from a desk for prolonged periods of time).

Inhibited glutes are an invitation to issues incuding decreased hip mobility, hamstring pulls, lower back pain and knee pain amongst a laundry list of others.

Developing a powerful gluteal region is not only essential for optimizing performance (and looking good), but will also decrease your risk for injury in the knees, lower back, hamstrings and groin.

Again, we are the first in H.K. to specifically address this pressing issue by gearing our arsenal with equipment (Hip Thrusters/ GHR) specifically designed for blasting your glutes. 

Founded by Nattys for Nattys.

Human capital has always been and will always be Volume's greatest asset. Our team comprises of only drug free competitors who are skilled at their craft, and passionate for what they do.

From competitive experiences on worldwide professional stages to kinesiology degrees in the classrooms, rest assured that our trainer's talk the talk but more importantly, walk the walk.

If you are prepared to achieve your coveted physique/ fitness goals, we look forward to seeing you in the hub of Central.